Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Spring Time Pastels Obsession Part II

This is how spring should be-- beautiful pastel colors all mixed together! We seem accustomed to showcasing just one main pastel color at a time and matching it with plainer, less distracting colors to let the one pastel stand out. But this coming spring, the brave new pastel trend is here! It’s time we dressed up with ALL the pastel colors mixed together, creating a look that’s slightly chic and sweet. So ladies, let’s have fun with this street pastel trend! Mix and match yours for spring!!

Pastels Obsession Part I


Mint Blazer from Zara; Scallop Tank Top in Blue, Chains Shape Necklace and Layered Tulle Shorts all from Barbe A-Papa; Clutch from Forever 21; High Heels in White from Aldo.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Something Special besides Red and Pink

I won’t claim it’s one of my favorite days, but Valentine ’s Day definitely is an
exciting day for most ladies. What will you be wearing on this fun and romantic occasion? Below are my thoughts for this special day:

1. Little Black Lace Dress

You may think that a black dress would be quite boring on this special day, but adding a little lace can create a dramatic switch to this classic appearance. We want to feel sexy yet elegant; therefore the little black lace dress would be the best choice.

2. Black Lace Corset + Black or white pencil skirt

If you’re worried about wearing the same dress as another on the same day, you can always do some mix and matching with your outfit. A black lace corset goes well with a lot of colors, but to get that unique touch of elegance, pair it with a black or white pencil skirt at the bottom; by doing that you’re minimizing the chance of wearing the same dress with other ladies.

3. Chiffon Dress in Burgundy

If you want to look more elegant and mature, choose a burgundy (red wine) colored chiffon dress. The dress itself looks elegantly sophisticated. 

--Burgundy Chiffon Dress from ASOS

4. Something sweet

Strongly recommend this berry colored dress. It’s simplistically romantic, yet very classy.

-- Berry One Piece Dress from Barbe À Papa

5. Nude Obsession

Try a nude lace dress or even this nude chiffon dress; you will look like an angel.

6. Colorful Clutch

This Red rose clutch could spice up your whole look. If your Valentine’s outfit is already red, be sure to choose a clutch that is either silver or black in color.

7. Fun accessories

If you’re a vintage lover, you’ll definitely fall for these gold colored vintage bow rings.

8. High Heels

Definitely make your legs look skinnier and more feminine. My choice: either black or nude in color since they go well with almost every dress.

Hope everyone has a sweet yet memorable Valentine’s Date!