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Di Beppe Italian Love

People live in Vancouver would probably envy the weather elsewhere as our winter seems coming back this week (sad face -_-"). Woke up with 12 degree this morning I was half glad as I knew that a sweater or cardigan is good to go for work. I always love sweater/ knit cause it’s comfy and I don’t need to spend too much time ironing it before wearing it out!! Meanwhile I do miss my weekend dinner wearing my beloved romper.
Flashback last weekend, we went to Di Beppe, a new Italian Restaurant in Gastown.
Delicate setting, a twist of modern and rustic decor and yummy food. For Appetizer we had the famous chopped salad. I like it but love my pasta more. The pasta we ordered was Carbonara with Guanciale and egg yolk (hmmm…. Yum yum) and Amatriciana with Guanciale and tomato. I love Amatriciana more as it was rich in taste and the pasta was not too chewy. 
A couple sitting next to us asked us the opinion of the Carbonara and I said I would like it more if the pasta was not too chewy and the…

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