Olive + Ruby

Olive + Ruby is a café that I wanted to visit for the longest time! I remember the moment when I first glance this cute café and couldn’t believe such an adorable coffee shop is just located a few miles away from my UBC apartment. The very first time I discovered this place was back in November 2017, and that was a late night so the shop was closed at that moment but the lights were still on in the store so I could see the cute settings outside from the window.

The second time I brought my beloved photographer along, sadly the “specific spots” were occupied.

The third time was yesterday, we finally had the luck to enjoy a lovely afternoon with a cup of caramel macchiato.

For people who know me well should be able to guess what attracts me to this cute café – two gorgeous hanging chairs nearby the windows. Almost every time I passed by, the two hanging chairs were occupied but yesterday was a lucky day!! I finally had a chance to play with the hanging chair (I know that sounds so silly, oh well~)

I didn’t have a chance to grab sandwiches or fruit bowl there which I heard was good. Instead I ordered the caramel macchiato ($4.5) and grabbed a bottle of handmade SEXY juice which contains carrot apple and a whole bunch of fresh organic fruits costs $9 per bottle – slightly pricy for the juice I would say, however, the caramel macchiato was so delicious.

I wish Olive + Ruby could open another location at Granville Island, somewhere facing the sea, that would be amazing.

Olive + Ruby’s address:

2839 W Broadway, Vancouver

Oversized Sweater: Zara
Checked Pants: Lovers + Friends
Bag: YSL College Bag
Heels: Vince Camuto

Joyce xo


  1. This outfit is pretty classy and it looks great on you!

    1. Thanks Etan for your sweet comment!
      Love from Joyce xx


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