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I purchased this Flower Paddle Loose Jumper awhile ago from this adorable online store Barbe A Papa. Since then I totally have no idea what to pair with until the recent trend --  Asymmetrical skirt!! I found this beautiful dark green Asymmetrical skirt from Barbe A Papa as well, it also comes with black and light pink, but I saw that so many people wearing the black and pink ones so I decided to choose this unique color -- dark green~! This skirt matches my flower paddle jumper perfectly and I love how comfortable it is when I'm wearing this skirt and walk on the street~!! I paired this outfit with the Oxford shoes to finish the look~!

Thank you for reading ❤


  1. the skirt looks nice on you <3

  2. I saw your pictures on Lookbook :) Your style is amazing so I am your newest follower here too :)

  3. Love everything about this outfit! Especially I love your skirt! :)


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