My Secret Garden

Dreamy summer dress and a secret garden. Hmmm... =)

I have always wanted to take a set of photography about floral summer dress and here we go! I got this adorable one piece dress from Zara awhile ago and immediately fell in love with it. Another cute trend of this summer is the basket style of bag, such a great highlight added to the whole look as if I'm a fairy coming out from the forest! I would say besides Cult Gaia there are still many choices that are more affordable, such as this one here! I got this bag from Zara as well when it's on sale =P 

Besides the cute outfit thanks to my dad that I finally made up my mind as to where to take this photo shoot. This adorable background setting was actually the backyard of my parents' house in Coquitlam, BC. My dad wanted to get rid of the little daisy at his back garden for a long time but I always ask him to hold on to it till I have this cute photo shoot done =P Now it's all set and I hope you guys enjoy the summer breeze as much as I do.


Joyce xo


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