Gingham Obsession

So, happy Tuesday folks! I feel that I’m so hard working after all the exams and concentrate so much on updating my blog =)

For those who love spending time surfing Instagram should have noticed besides off the shoulder trend, Gingham is also an adorable vogue. Especially when the gingham style adding up with ruffle sleeves, that would be heaven to me. I have to admit I’ve spent so much on shopping outfit with gingham + off the shoulder + ruffle recently. To the extent that I need to ask myself to hold off to the shopping cart and think… and wait for a few days until I change my mind or if a new trend pops up, then I can spend money more wisely on something more up-to-date~! Ah ha~!

Gingham top - since it has so much details itself, is so easy to pair with any jeans or if you want a sophisticated look, just pair it with any white A-line embroidered maxi skirt, then you're done with your weekend vacation look. 

Have fun guys! I can’t wait for the weekend. I'll be heading to a lovely cafe this weekend. More update when I'm back!! Happy Tuesday =)

Gingham Ruffle Sleeves Top: Barbe A Papa
Denim Shorts: Aritzia
Round Basket Tote: Jadetribe
Sunglasses: Michael Kors

Love xo



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