Mahogany Brown Coziness

Hi guys It’s the first day of December now!!! Time flies~! In this post I want to share a cozy afternoon I had spent at a beach/ park somewhere in Richmond (which I totally forgot the exact location… haha).

Anyhow it was a lovely afternoon as the original plan was just to take a photo shoot with my new outfit : a color tone of Rust/ Mahogany brown oversized sweater matched with a Redwood pink skorts. In winter time I always love the brick red/ brown/ orange color tone as they so effortlessly emitted the winter ambience yet the color tone encourages the brightness and cheerfulness at the same time.

The little highlight of the day was, out of my expectation, more than 200 hundred seagulls were found gathering in the park!!! To me it was a rare phenomenon since I thought the winter is too cold for them to gather outside instead of migrating to some warmer areas. After chatting with an elderly who lives nearby, we realized that the seagulls were migrating from a cold area to here. Without a doubt the adorable white creatures automatically served as a splendid background as well as content of the photo shoot of the day. It was really a great surprise to me as I always love nature and animal and luckily both were combined in my shoot this time.

Since winter has arrived I wanted to give you girls some ideas in terms of the “brownish” color tone outfits. Below I included two outfits that I really like and would love to share with you all. The first outfit suits almost all occasions and the redwood pink sweater highlighted the outfit and made it so cozy yet sweet. The second outfit is perfect for an elegant + mature look, good for work/ meeting/ hanging out with friends etc. Compare to the everyday black and white office attire, adding the Mahogany brown enhances the mood in many levels in this look.

Have fun and enjoy the Christmas season. If you have any inspiration in terms of mahogany brown mix and match feel free to leave your comment here =). Just in case I’m too lazy to update… Merry Christmas girls!!


Joyce xx


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