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Their There Cafe

T heir. There. They’re. Reminded me of the English class when I was young. Some typical grammar mistakes we would make. Thanks to Instagram, the first time I saw this strange café name “Their There”, I couldn’t wait to visit this splendid place. It was a nice sunny afternoon at around 1 pm when I dropped by that day. My first impression of this cafe - very aesthetic and instagrammable. The décor is mostly in white with some light pink chairs. Two of my favorite colors. The café was really busy on a Saturday afternoon, I went there for its signature Smoked meat breakfast sandwich… unfortunately they were all sold out by 1 pm!  I then tried the crunchy chicken breast sandwiches. It was a bit oily but tasted really good. I heard that the coffee is nice, but I tried the fruit juice instead that day. Besides sandwiches, Mushroom grugere croissant is another must try item. Crunchy croissant with melted cheese and mushroom = dream came true!  Theirthe

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