You Can Always Find Your Way Back Home

can't recall starting from when, Blue became my favorite color. I always thought my favorite was purple but I was wrong. Back to my time in Kindergarten I remember one day the teacher asked us to choose table cloth, almost all of my classmates chose the pink  one but I was the only person chose a purple table cloth. I remember how much I dislike the color of pink (haha) and turned out now as a grown up Pink and blue are my favorite colors!

Back to this outfit, after all sorts of blue stripes and off the shoulder trend this time I wanted to combine blue with white culottes together to give a new spark. I know a pair of white trousers are not easy to manage... I always try to stay away from white pants even though I love them a lot.

This time I told myself I could just give it a try... because I know how a pair of gorgeous white culottes would brighten up an outfit. And to my surprise I actually love how effortless it was to pull the whole outfit off nicely. To add some interesting details here I paired it with a pair of baby blue heels. Have I mentioned that the culottes have long slit on the side? So when I walk in them the fabric on the side would flow smoothly and show a bit of my skin. I just love wearing them on any occasion. Plus they're super comfy to wear. This outfit is also one of my favorite office work outfits.  I hope you guys enjoy the sunny day as much as I do.

Blue Blouse: Barbe A Papa
White Culottes: Nordstrom
Sunglasses: Salvatore Ferragamo
Heels: Nordstrom
Bag: Kate Spade

Love xo,



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