City Girl At The Trump Champagne Lounge

I have to admit I’m more of a country person when it comes to afternoon tea, I adore all the vintage and rustic style of settings for afternoon tea. Ideally the perfect setting would be in a rose garden or a farm full of daisy. Anyhow when my friend suggested that we could host a girls afternoon date and consult my idea of a place. And all I could think of was to try something new and modern. So then here we come to Trump Champagne Lounge in the Trump International Hotel on West Georgia Street in Vancouver BC.

When I first stepped into this entrance I soon attracted by the baby blue and gray theme, there was a live band playing blues and jazz throughout the afternoon. I also came here for another target – the hexagonal shape cake container for photography purposes!! And at the end we had two of those and I’m so delighted with the atmosphere there. Usually a huge fluffy cotton candy or a lollipops will be placed beautifully on the top part of the container and this time we were lucky enough to have the lollipops =)

There were three selections for the afternoon tea menu and the one we picked were the Sparkling Afternoon Tea with a glass of Bartolomiol "Miol" Prosecco $63 + tax per person.

I love the mocha roll cake, the rest tasted just so-so but their appearance were good for photography. Well, maybe because Vancouver has too many tasty afternoon tea places and hence the afternoon tea at The Trump Hotel was a little disappointed to me.

Anyhow it was so nice to catch up with my friends and the next blog would be about my Labor day long weekend in Victoria BC.

Joyce xo


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