Victoria Trip Day II

I know I know.

I’ve been so lazy to update and hence Day 2 blog became almost three weeks from the day 1 blog post. Anyhow, too many exciting things happened and I tried to adjust my life a little bit. Things are going very well and I’m really happy that these three days we have at least 25 degree in the afternoon so I got the last chance to wear all my summer outfits.

Back to the Victoria trip Day 2 update, basically the hotel we checked in was a really stunning one. Too bad we were too exhausted after a long day walk therefore we ended up didn’t have much time to take any pictures in the hotel. After checking out the hotel we just drove and saw this cute patio restaurant - Bartholomew's Bar and Grill, it has a little corner patio with all the garden setting. I’m always a Patio lover so the setting of this place was too satisfying to enjoy my brunch. Along the table and on the wall there were many small potted plants. All the tiny little things but made me so happy.

After finishing brunch we headed to Butchart Garden. Guest it was almost 10 years ago when I first came here and I recall how gorgeous this place was. This time we went again, with my designated photographer (haha) to take blog pictures for me!! The weather was really hot that day consider it was early September, we both sweated like dogs after walking and taking so many photos. 

In order to compensate the good work of my photographer, we spent a luxurious time having afternoon tea at “The Dining Room” in Butchart Garden instead of leaving to the ferry right a way. And again I chose the patio seats again although there was air condition room inside =P The view was tremendously stunning. I don't regret sitting at the patio with 30 + degree outside LOL~!

Last but not least, when you have a chance to visit Butchart Garden, don’t forget to drop by the tiny ice-cream shop!! Try "Lavender” favor and you won't be regret. I bought mine and since then I’ve been missing it a lot (crying face) haha…

Ok, enough for a busy Thursday. My next update would be 8 must have items for this Fall. Stay tuned!~ love you guys~!

Love, Joyce xx


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